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Disrupt – Free Dubstep Sample Pack

Meet ‘Disrupt’ Dubstep Free Sample Pack, yet another upshot of Loop Cult’s tireless sample smithy – enabling you to cause some severe disruption in the minds of your audiences owing to:
⁃ Edgy polished beats coming as both intricately crafted loops, and ready-to-use one shots
⁃ Tight and thick bass lines with punchy subs and viscous bubbling mids, all well-suited for Deep Dubstep grooves
⁃ A selection of exclusive synth licks to set the dismal mood straight away
⁃ An array of shifty FX bits to keep your arrangements interesting and more
All files are tempo and key labelled where applicable, mastered to high end precision and designed to be as versatile as needed.
→ Size 259 mb
→ BPM 132 – 142
→ Bass Loops 20
→ Drum Fills 6
→ Drum Loops 10
→ Fx Loops 19
→ Groove Loops 7
→ Synth Loops 21
→ Cymbals 5
→ Fxs 4
→ Hats 15
→ Open Hihats 3
→ Kicks 7
→ Percs 20
→ Snares 9

? How to use Sample Pack Audio

  1. Download the sample pack. There are many free and paid sample packs available online. Once you've found a pack that you like, download it to your computer.
  2. Import the sample pack into your DAW. A DAW (digital audio workstation) is a software program that allows you to create, edit, and mix music. Some popular DAWs include FL Studio, Logic Pro, and Ableton Live.
  3. Find the sample that you want to use. Sample packs typically contain a variety of different sounds, so take some time to browse through them and find the ones that you like.
  4. Drag and drop the sample onto an audio track. Once you've found the sample that you want to use, drag and drop it onto an audio track in your DAW.
  5. Adjust the pitch and tempo of the sample. You can use the pitch and tempo controls to change the playback speed and pitch of the sample. This can be useful for making the sample fit with the tempo of your track or for creating a different sound altogether.
  6. Add effects to the sample. You can use effects like EQ, compression, and reverb to further customize the sound of the sample. This can help to make the sample sound more polished and professional.
  7. Mix the sample with other sounds. Once you're happy with the sound of the sample, you can mix it with other sounds in your track. This can help to create a fuller and more interesting sound.
Here are some additional tips for using sample pack audio:
  • Be creative and experiment. There are no right or wrong ways to use sample pack audio. The best way to learn is to experiment and see what sounds good to you.
  • Don't be afraid to modify the samples. You can chop, slice, and rearrange samples to create new sounds. This is a great way to make your tracks unique.
  • Use royalty-free sample packs. This will ensure that you don't have any legal issues when using the samples in your music.

Grab our “DISRUPT” Dubstep Sample Pack for FREE!

Loops and Samples work in any DAW
100% Royalty-free for use in your musical productions
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